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Celestin Residence - Hotel *** - Gdańsk ul. Straganiarska 19
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The Celestin Residence is a unique place for those seeking a comfortable accommodation in a convenient location in Gdansk, where the history intertwines with the present. The building was erected in 1577. There was a Midsummer school, in which Krzysztof Celestyn Mrongowiusz, a preacher and defender of Polish nature under Prussian rule, was teaching Polish (1764-1855). In the old building, we offer innovative solutions with a high standard to carry our guests to the world of the past in a comfortable way.

The Celestin Residence is located in the centre of Gdansk downtown, next to the picturesque Old Town. We guarantee a favourable price-quality ratio. The original design of rooms, breakfast and conference rooms, as well as the bar will allow you to spend special moments in a place where you may get to know the flavour of the past.

High standard of the facility and comfortable rooms at affordable prices are available to you throughout the year. We have many ideas and opportunities that distinguish us in the market. The Celestin Residence is a guarantee of the highest quality of service.